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Ron Hood PhD CEng

Editor and author





Ron has many years industrial experience as an electronic development engineer working for large companies such as GEC and several smaller companies throughout the UK.

He has developed industrial electronic systems, instrumentation systems and control systems for both military and industrial applications.

As Technical Director he was responsible for products that included customised ASIC solutions and microprocessors, and for liaison with manufacturers in the Far East.

Ron ran his own design consultancy for over ten years providing hardware and software solutions to clients that included large and small companies.

Ron has considerable experience working in higher education, lecturing in electronics and related subjects at honours degree and MSc level and supervising students for MSc and PhD degrees. He has spent over 25 years producing educational content at all levels, including degree and post graduate courses.

He is experienced in both authoring eCourseware and tutoring courses delivered using traditional learning on campus, blended learning on campus and 100% distance learning on the Internet.

Ron has added HTML5 canvas 2D and 3D animations to his skill sets using multilayered canvases where appropriate. Several customised JavaScript functions have been created that produce a variety of animatable shapes.