Areas of Expertise

Learning Electronic Engineering Online- STEM

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) describes electronics as an enabling technology.

Electronics pervades the lives of people in both developed and developing nations.

Electronic hardware underpins all software and computer hardware.

Mobile devices utilise electronic hardware and embedded software.

Governments worldwide recognise the vital importance of electronics to economic growth.

Students at all levels in the UK and many other nations are encouraged to study STEM subjects.

Jobs in Engineering and Technology are highly creative, stimulating and interesting.

Students that graduate in engineering and technolgy usually have a wide range of jobs available to them.

Technolgist and engineers must be prepared to continue their education for the rest of their working lives.



Electronic Engineering at Postgraduate Level Online- CPD

The range of jobs available to newly qualified electronic engineers is wide, because electronics is an enabling technology.

They could be designing medical devices, smart phones, computers, domestic appliances, the list is endless.

Newly qualified graduates may require CPD in their first job, university degrees cannot cover the range of applications they may be involved with.

CPD is essential for qualified engineers and technologists because of rapidly changing technologies.

General CPD Requirements for Engineers

CPD is for qualified engineers: it is intended to improve their skills and knowledge.

CPD should be useful to employers, especially SME's, employee acquired skills and knowledge should be relevant to company needs.

For employers, CPD should not interrupt the working week of employees: this is especially relevant for SME's.

CPD should be available when engineers want it- they can't wait 18 months for the next run of a course.

CPD is for mature students, they are capable of studying and learning how to apply their newly acquired knowledge without the need for tutors.

An effective way of learning advanced topics is to study them in the workplace and apply techniques to real problems of relevance.

This is possible with web based CPD- tutors could not participate in this type of activity nor should they be asked to do so.

CPD should be affordable, newly qualified engineers possibly have debts of several thousand pounds, CPD should not add to this.


CPD for STEM subjects like Electronic Engineering at an advanced level has a world wide market in developed and developing nations.

Web based CPD opens up the global market, engineers anywhere can enrol for a course and be studying it in minutes.


Should CPD for advanced subjects be assessed?

Assessment of advanced STEM subjects cannot be assessed using quizzes and forms.

Assessment by examination or assignment involves tutors, is expensive and makes instant access to courses difficult, if not impossible.

CPD is assessed fundamentally in the working environment- engineers should be capable of doing more, to a higher standard, after a CPD course.