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Images on Canvas and Perspective

Image and canvas aspect ratio, resizing the canvas dynamically, perspective, images as animation backgrounds

Three Dimensional Drawings and Animations

Perspective, vanishing points, 3D cubes, cubes in motion, the perception of 3D motion on canvas

Animating Ellipses

Drawing and animating ellipses, morphing ellipses, introduction to the theory of the ellipse

Ellipses in Motion

An ellipse moving towards and away from you- motion paths, the perception of 3D motion on canvas

Polygons and Stars

Functions for drawing polygons and stars: a rotating star, meshing rotating stars


Using polynomials to create curved motion paths, parabolas and cubic polynomials, a hexagon in motion

Figure 1 Images on Canvas & Perspective

Aspect ratio is explained in the following frames

Figure 2 How we see 3D Drawings on the 2D Canvas

Figure 3 Animating Ellipses

Figure 4 Ellipses in Motion

Figure 5 Regular Polygons and Stars

Figure 6 Polynomials